COVID - 19 UPDATE       We are open & operating within a Covid - 19 Safe Environment within the guidelines of the NSW Government.

Our Philosophy


We value family, our families are respected and actively encouraged through informal conversations and our digital communication platform Kinderloop to collaborate with educators about curriculum decisions to ensure that learning experiences are meaningful.

We value open, honest, respectful, and empathetic communication.

We value the celebration of diversity, culture, and traditions.


We believe friendships bring children joy, fun and laughter and are fundamental to their happiness.

We value the role modelling and scaffolding of social and emotional skills.


We are environmentally responsible, we are considerate of the impact of our decisions on the environment, we promote sustainable practices, repurpose, re-use and source locally. When upgrading and replacing equipment we will aim to include natural resources.


We view each child as successful, competent, and capable learners who are planned for individually.
We are committed to reflective practice and continuous improvement.

We display empathy, sensitivity, compassion, affection, and patience.

We are consistent in our practices.


We value an Emergent Curriculum which is responsive to children’s interests, strengths and aspirations. We include contemporary topics such as STEM and wellness which are relevant in our community.

We value children making decisions about their own learning and development.

We value play-based learning where equipment and resources are open-ended and allow for infinite possibilities.

We value the inclusion of all children and follow a strengths-based approach.

The United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child are at the core of Educator principles and practices.

School Readiness

We value a structured School Readiness program to prepare children for the commencement of School.

We provide daily activities (from March) which teach pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, name recognition and writing, the alphabet, phonological awareness, Literacy and numeracy.

The new childcare subsidy

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