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Our Philosophy journey 2021

The last 18 months have certainly been unprecedented times, it was and still is a time for many organisations to stop and think. COVID 19 was the catalyst for Kids World Kindy to reflect upon the direction it was traveling and provide an opportunity for change.

Within the Education and Care sector, a Services statement of Philosophy guides all aspects of the Service’s Operations. A written statement of Philosophy outlines the purpose and principles under which the service operates.

During the last 7 months Kids World Kindy reflected upon its current statement of Philosophy, we also wanted to ensure that both Educators and families were meaningfully involved in the review process.

To ensure the Service’s Philosophy reflected the current values and beliefs of all stakeholders, the Service embarked upon a research and formal feedback project. In December 2020, we surveyed all families, we collected information about the values and beliefs that are important to them. We then collated the survey results and came up with a list of the top values and beliefs. Some of the more popular values and beliefs included family, respect, kindness, and happiness, there were also many more identified by families.

Once we had identified the values and beliefs that were meaningful to families, we then developed our first Statement of Philosophy draft, the draft was circulated to Educators and families for their feedback. More feedback was received which then resulted in a second and then our third and final draft.

We are proud of the journey that we have taken to develop our Services Statement of Philosophy. We are committed to continuous improvement and look forward to the direction that Kids World Kindy will take in the future.

Our Statement of Philosophy values family, child friendships, our Educators, our environment, learning, and school readiness. Please go to read the Services’ current Statement of Philosophy.